Diff'rent Strokers Classic Bike Trackdays

Cadwell Trackday, July 2011

People had been coming up to us at the shows and asking when we would start running trackdays.  We resisted it for a while, but Darin has lots of experience doing this for cars so earlier this year he set up  Classic Bike Trackdays  with Rob B.  The first event was at Cadwell Park on 29th July, using the full circuit and open to all pre-1995 bikes.  Practical Sportsbikes magazine adopted the event, publicising it and sending staff and photographers to both cover it and take part too.

Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011

The fun started the night before, with a row of vans and tents appearing at the top of the paddock, each one with a TDR250 or two alongside.  Tom and Mick took their's, with Rob E also adding a VJ22 as backup.  Tim took his KR to his first-ever trackday, with the SDR in reserve in case of mechanical embarrassment.  The evening weather was great and soon a number of BBQ's were on the go, with Sara and Nic on food-burning and cider-rationing duty.  Darin loaned his giant marquee to act as paddock garage and soon Chell, Rob B and Claire turned up to scrounge burgers and trade insults.  Soon it was dark and chilly, and time to extinguish the tabletop infernos and brave the comfort of thin nylon and a rubber mat.

Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011

Up at 7am to be greeted by grey misty skies.  Registration in the clubhouse saw everyone signing their lives away in return for a coloured wristband.  Green was for novices, with experienced riders going in either Red (four strokes) or Blue (two strokes).  Then the bikes were brought down to scrutineering for noise-testing.  The limit was 105db, measured at 7000rpm with a probe next to the exhaust.  The KR was surprisingly loud at 100db, seeing as Rob's TDR with race pipes was only 98db.  Then back to the clubhouse for a rider briefing and another (Grey) wristband.

Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011

Then the 20-minute track sessions began, with the diesels going first, followed by the fantastic spectacle of the strokers, and finally a mix of both in the novices group.  Tim was in the novice group, in amusing 1980's-style leathers kindly donated by Rob E.  More familiar faces had appeared, with Garry taking an early GSX-R400 out with the four-strokes, and Chris and Victoria joining in on V4 Honda's.  Competition-winner Fotis was in the novice group on his 350F2 YPVS, also taking the 'spirit of the event' award by riding 120-miles two-up to the day, and then back home again afterwards.  Gary (last seen with a massive hangover at the Dutch Classic Superbike weekend) was fettling a couple of serious Katana's in between poncing about the paddock on a strange beach bike.

Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011

The weather improved throughout the day, and everyone got 7 sessions in which to improve their lines and speed, with the help of instructors if required.  Professional photographers were also on hand, capturing everyone in action even if some looked more upright than others.  Track etiquette was good all day and although there were a few crashes and blow-ups, the whole day went very smoothly and was pretty laid-back.  There was even a professional  Video  put together !

Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011

Thanks to Darin and Rob B for setting this up and letting us join in, and to everyone else who turned up, said hello, cadged our food or helped make it a great couple of days in some other way.  Click the above link for full details of how you can be at the next one.  There may even be a discount for Diff'rent Strokers members...

Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011 Cadwell 2011

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