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Did you come and see us at one of the shows ?  Picked up a card or maybe said hello ?  Got something similar ?  Want to join in ?  Register on the forum or email us (details for both below) and you'll be made very welcome.  We need people like you to make it an interesting show each time, we can't do it all on our own...

Like a lot of people, we're into the sort of bikes we wanted when we were younger but couldn't afford at the time.  In our case that's 80's Japanese two-strokes, but the more unusual the better.  We miss the days when grey imports were big business, all those rare exotic variants ignored by the mainstream UK importers.  Weird engine configurations.  GP-inspired styling.  Trick adjustable suspension.  Stuff with 'R' or 'SP' written on the side.  Technological dead-ends.  Downright oddballs.  That's what Diff'rent Strokers is all about.

Diff'rent Strokers at Stafford, Oct 2006

We spread the word at bike shows, showing off our own bikes, meeting other enthusiasts and getting them to join in.  Sharing information, helping each other out with advice and spare parts, unearthing interesting bikes and learning stuff as we go.  Not to mention buying a new bike every now and then !  Something that helps us do all of these things is our forum, which makes it very easy for you to get involved.

We have pretty broad tastes really, so you can also expect us to feature other bikes that we feel are under-represented.  We've done shows featuring Gag bikes and homologation 750's and we'll have a go at anything we feel would make an unusual and cool display.  We're not short of ideas, but we need your help to make them happen.  It's certainly not all static shows either, we'll fire them up and ride them given half a chance.

What's next ?  Keep an eye on the forum for details of shows, rideouts, trackdays and more...

Click the links below for details of the events we've done, examples of the bikes we're into (including pictures of our own), information and links to relevant forums and other interesting sites we like :

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By far the best way to get involved is to use the forum, but if you prefer you can contact us via the email address below or join us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.  Perhaps you can suggest other bikes we've overlooked.  Maybe we can help you with information, parts or advice, or you can help us instead.  Please get in touch, even if it's just to say we've got something wrong...

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