Diff'rent Strokers

We're not completely obsessed with Japanese stuff - we want to include Aprilia RS250's and Bimota's 500 V-Due too, plus any others that can't find a home elsewhere.  Laverda V3 two-stroke - don't laugh, apparently it exists !  MZ ?   Don't be silly.  But we'll happily include suitable hybrids and specials on here too.  Here's a few pictures but please send in some better or different ones if you have any.  We're working on the ability for you to upload your own along with a few words, but for the tme being please just email them in and we'll add them.  The same goes for any useful or relevant links you know of that we've missed.

Aprilia RS250
500 V-Due
Bimota 500 V-Due

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