Diff'rent Strokers


Here's a few of the pictures we've been sent in already, but please send in some of your own if you have any.  We're working on the ability for you to upload your own along with a few words, but for the time being please just email them in and we'll add them.

Diff'rent Strokers was Darin's idea.  Here's his stunning - and growing - collection
KR250, NS400, RG500, RZV500 KR250 RZV500, RG500, NS400, KR250
NS400 RZV500, RG500, NS400, KR250 RGV250, RG250, RG500
RG500 RG500 RZV500 RZV500
RZV500, KR250, RG500, NS400R, RGV250 RG250 Gamma Walter Wolf RG250 Gamma Walter Wolf
SDR200 SDR200 SDR200 NSR250SP MC21 NSR250SP MC21
Gilera CX-1 Gilera CX-1 KH400 KH400
Tim is the other - lesser - half of Diff'rent Strokers, and yes, there are a couple of 4-strokes in there...
TZR250SP, KR250, NSR50 Gag TZR250SP, KR250, 250 Hornet TZR250SP, KR250, NSR50 Gag
TZR250SP, KR250 TZR250SP, 250 Hornet, KR250, NSR50 Gag NSR50 Gag, TZR250SP GSX-R750RK and RB50 Gag
John Tang's evolving TDR250
Yamaha TDR250 Yamaha TDR250 Yamaha TDR250
A tiny sample of Paul Wilshaw's fantastic fleet
Honda NSR250 Honda NSR250 Yamaha TZR250SP Suzuki RGV250
Yamaha YSR and TZR TZR250 and RGV250 Jealous yet ?
And someone else with too much money !  Andy Bolas' collection
Suzuki RG500 Suzuki RGV250 and RG500 Suzuki RGV250
Honda NS250R Honda NS250R Honda NSR250 Honda NSR250
Kawasaki KR250 and KR-1S Kawasaki KR250 and KR-1S
Kawasaki KR250 Kawasaki KR-1S Kawasaki KR250
Blimey !
Just a handful of Eddie Jeffries' beautifully restored race bikes
Honda RS Yamaha TZ Yamaha TZ Yamaha TZ
Garry Kemp's ace Gag bikes
Yamaha YSR Yamaha and Suzuki Gag bikes Yamaha and Suzuki Gag bikes
Rex Hudd's lovely two-stroke collection
NS400, RG500, RD500 NS400, RG500, RD500, MVX250
And someone else with 'The Big Three' - John Richardson
NS400, RG500 NS400, RG500
RD500 RD500
Mike Lambert's MC28's, 3XV's, VJ22 and RS250
MC28-SE, 3XV-RS, MC28-SP, RS250, VJ22, 3XV MC28-SE, 3XV-RS Award-winning MC28-SP at Uttoxeter 2008
3XV RS250 VJ22

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