Diff'rent Strokers

Classic Mechanics Show, Stafford, October 2007

So, a return to Stafford where it all began one year ago.  A bigger stand, and whilst not exactly in the middle of the action, at least a few yards closer towards it.  And an initial attempt at providing our own lighting, to go with the giant black backcloth and professional flooring.  Should be enough for an award then ?  (No.)

Officially we'd booked 6 bikes in this time.  Sara took her NSR50 Gag which was joined by Ben Jewell's lovely Marlboro YSR50.  Fred had the 'YellaFella' on display again and Paul Love's shiny Aprilia RS250 became our first non-Japanese bike.  Darin took his new Rothmans NSR250 (MC21-SP) but as he also had the bizarre Gilera CX in his van, that made it onto the stand too.  Paul Wilshaw's Fortuna NSR completed the line-up - based on a MC21-R, it's been hugely modified and is now at 300cc putting out a dyno-certified 71bhp.  And for some of the Saturday, we also displayed his NS400R special, also in Rothmans paint.

Paul Love's Aprilia RS250, Stafford, Oct 2007 Paul Wilshaw's Honda NSR300 special, Stafford, Oct 2007 Darin's Gilera CX125, Stafford, Oct 2007 Darin's Honda NSR250-SP, Stafford, Oct 2007 Fred Castor's R1-Z special, Stafford, Oct 2007

Saturday was really busy.  Ben threw himself into his role, hijacking passers-by and extracting all manner of personal details out of them - one or two even had a suitable bike they'd like to display in the future.  Promotional keyrings were handed out too, and the open front on the stand allowed people on to check out their favourite bikes, not that some people need an invite of course.  The Gag bikes were a constant magnet to kids as predicted.  The Rothmans bikes seemed to have the biggest attraction on the Saturday, but focus switched to Fred's R1-Z on the Sunday, which was a little quieter.  People either examined the Gilera for hours or ignored it altogether...

Ben Jewell's Yamaha YSR50, Stafford, Oct 2007 Paul Wilshaw's Honda NS500R special, Stafford, Oct 2007 Sara's NSR50, Stafford, Oct 2007

Other show highlights included a Bimota V-Due 500, which happened to be for sale.  Pockets were checked for loose change but we couldn't scrape enough together, although it looked an absolute bargain compared to the ex-Lawson Cagiva GP 500 engine on sale nearby.  Some great GT750 specials on the Kettle Club stand stood out, as did the LC Club 'Charity Bike' and a very clean reverse-cylinder TZ.  There was even an MVX250 on sale in the autojumble - did anyone buy it ?

Diff'rent Strokers, Stafford, Oct 2007 Diff'rent Strokers, Stafford, Oct 2007 Diff'rent Strokers, Stafford, Oct 2007 Diff'rent Strokers, Stafford, Oct 2007 Diff'rent Strokers, Stafford, Oct 2007

Another good show then, with more people joining in, some familiar faces coming to say hello and a few other new faces put to names for the future.  Thanks to Sara, Fred, Paul, Ben and Paul for volunteering their bikes and making the weekend more fun, and to Chell for helping out all weekend as usual.  Next time it could be you...

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