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1989 Suzuki GSX-R750RK 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750RK   acquired 2007

Oil-cooled inline four.
One of only 500 built to homologate a bike for racing in WSB/Formula 1 : think Suzuki's RC30, but much rarer.  JDM model.

For more details, see  Tim's GSX-R Blog.
1981 Yamaha RD350LC 1981 Yamaha RD350LC   acquired 2014

Watercooled two-stroke twin.
UK '4LO', Allspeed exhausts, boost bottle, Pro-Am bellypan,
VJ22 front-end, GSX750F rear wheel/brake, engineering by NK Racing and SF Services.
1996 Honda 250 Hornet 1996 Honda 250 Hornet   acquired 1999

Watercooled inline four.
JDM model, gear-driven cams, 16000rpm redline, 180/55 rear tyre.
1987 Yamaha SDR200 1987 Yamaha SDR200   acquired 2010, SOLD 2023

Watercooled two-stroke single with YPVS.
JDM model.
1990 Honda NSR50 1990 Honda NSR50   acquired 2007

Watercooled two-stroke single.
3/4-size JDM-model road-legal 'Gag' bike, resprayed in 2000 Rossi tribute colours.
1989 Yamaha TDR80 1989 Yamaha TDR80   acquired 2009

Watercooled two-stroke single.
3/4-size JDM-model road-legal 'Gag' bike, restored by SF Services as a replica of the mainstream 250.
1985 Suzuki RB50 1985 Suzuki RB50   acquired 2008

Air-cooled four-stroke single.
JDM-model road-legal 'Gag' bike, fitted with 120cc Thumpstar engine and Takegawa filter/exhaust, converted to 12v.
1987 Kawasaki KS-II 1987 Kawasaki KS-II 80   acquired 2012

Air-cooled two-stroke single.
JDM-model road-legal 'Gag' bike.

For more details of all four Gag bikes, see  Our Gag Page.
1984 Kawasaki KR250 1984 Kawasaki KR250   acquired 2002

Watercooled two-stroke tandem-twin.
One of the original 18 'Huddersfield Kawasaki Centre' imports from South Africa.
A surprise wedding present and the start of a minor obsession.
Fitted with optional OEM single-seat cowl.
1986 Kawasaki KR250A2 1986 Kawasaki KR250   acquired 2008

Watercooled two-stroke tandem-twin.
JDM-model, rare original red/black colours, now running and MOT'd for the first time since 2007.
1985 Kawasaki KR250R 1985 Kawasaki KR250   acquired 2005

Watercooled two-stroke tandem-twin.
Ongoing "KR250R" restoration project : ZXR400 USD front end, KR1 rear wheel/brake, engineering by NK Racing.
Engine being rebuilt with KVSS powervalve top-end from 'S' model.
1984 Kawasaki KR250 1984 Kawasaki KR250   acquired 2003

Watercooled two-stroke tandem-twin.
Unregistered parts bike, used to provide spares for the other three, currently fitted with GPZ600R front end.
Mostly complete barring front exhaust and fairing mid-panels, has not run since being imported.

For more details on the KR's, see  Tim's KR250 Site.
1991 Rover Mini Cooper 1991 Rover Mini Cooper   acquired 2002

'Charlie' was bought especially to do the Italian Job Rally.  He is 1275cc, with a single carb, 2" stainless centre exhaust system (no cat), K&N air-filter and electronic ignition.  Rover Sportspack arches barely cover the 175/50 R13 Bridgestone tyres on Minilite-style alloys.  Halogen headlights, 4 spotlights, twin airhorns, upgraded stereo and one-off airbrushed roof mural.  Underwent a 6-month body/paint restoration by a local Mini specialist in 2009.

For more details, see  Our Italian Job Site.


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